Anna García. Director. Graduated in Fine Arts for the Barcelona University and Cultural Management.
Current head of Escalera de Incendios, entity dedicated to Cultural Management. Based in barcelona for 15 years, where she develops her artistic projects, nowadays centred on photography and cultural management as YGW.

Meritxell Àlvarez. Galleries Curator. Master in cultural sciences, multinlingual, with a background in marketing, communication and cultural management. Co-Founder and Director of Projekteria [Art Gallery], Barcelona-based contemporary art gallery focused on fine art photography by emerging artists.

Carla Ledermann. Graphic Design and Sponsorships. Graduated in Graphic Design. Currently developing projects in areas of contemporary art and music. Collaborating with as a designer. Her main goal is to connect artists, spaces and audiences.

Eva Michalcakova. Web programming and grants. Editor of the transversal art agenda for Barcelona, Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and self-taught in web development.

Tuike Souza. Audiovisual. Visual creative who has found in Barcelona the ideal place to develop his artistic production. Member of Gargot, collective of artists. He is currently director of OpeningBCN, a platform for spreading the artistic scene in Barcelona.