La Idealogica

The Gallery

Creative space whose objective is to promote entrepreneurs in different areas. We want it to be a dynamic space and therefore, every two months, we transform it into a gallery where resident artists in Barcelona exhibit.
Providing visibility to emerging artists.

The Exhibition

MATTER – Dani Berenguer, Gil Gelpi, Rosa Lendínez (29-30.09)

For this exhibition we will be invaded by three emerging artists. The viewer will be involved by three different proposals and interpretations of matter and space.

Not only will the result be seen but also its process.

The Artists

Gil Gelpi, born in 1985 in Lisbon, lives and works as a sculptor between Barcelona and Portugal., IG: @gilgelpi

Dani Berenguer, born in 1989 in Barcelona.
Artist and founder of És-Fera 72., IG: @daniberenguerbarnils

Rosa Lendínez, born in 1990 in Jaén, has a degree in art, lives in Barcelona., IG: @rosa.lendinez

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 11.30 am - 7 pm

Opening hours during the festival

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-8 pm


Rosés , 62 - 64
08028 Barcelona

Phone: +34 620 28 63 73




Instagram: /laidealogica