Ether Arts Project

The project

ETHER is a nomadic cultural project that links artists, curators and exhibition spaces. Connected through an invisible sphere that joins us energetically, we seek to engage in an open dialogue between different geographies and artistic disciplines. The curatorial concept behind ETHER spins around man in its human condition and the relationship established with nature.

Return to Multiverse – Marta Pinilla

The performance “Return to Multiverse” unfolds a group of sinister beings who have just crossed a black hole and are now in a parallel universe in the vicinity of an art gallery. They have lost part of their humanity, shifting into observers of reality. They’ll need help from the audience to be directed in space, but How will they do it?

The artist

Marta Pinilla is a multidisciplinary artist, graduated in Biology and Fine Arts with a Masters in Art and Science. In her artistic practice she seeks to represent the brain and the universe, from a scientific yet emotional perspective, uniting micro and macrocosmos. She arrives at installation and performance starting off from drawing. Miguel Andrés, performer and video-artist whose investigations spin around what’s inherent to human beings, is her collaborator for the piece.

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Opening hours during the festival

Friday 8 pm
Espronceda Art Center
Espronceda 326, units 4 & 5
08027 Barcelona


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