BienCuadrado Galería

The Gallery

Opened in September 2016 BienCuadrado is a creative space in the centre of Barcelona directed by Aidan McGovern and Richard Ashcroft. As a general rule, we try to ensure that each exhibition varies significantly in style from what preceded it. As a non-commercial space without any defined set of stylistic principles we have the freedom to work with artists who inspire and excite us.


The Exhibiton

In Search of Lost Time’ presented by Tangent Projects – Ely Daou, Kuba Dorabialski, Sophie Heydel, Katy B Plummer y Anna Sebastian. (14.09-09.11)

Taking our cue from Marcel Proust’s seminal work “In Search of Lost Time”, the artists in this exhibition are drawn to explore the nostalgic elements of our common experience. Nostalgia has reemerged at various times in human history, from Enlightenment to Industrial Revolution through to today, where Romantic desires to recover an idealised view of history create new stories and myths.

The Artists

“Ely Daou (1986, Lebanon) –
Kuba Dorabialski (1979, Wroclaw) –
Katy B. Plummer (1972, Denver, Colorado) –
Sophie Heydel
Anna Sebastian –”

Opening hours

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 4 - 8om Saturday: 12 - 6 pm

Opening hours during the festival

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-8 pm


08002, Barcelona

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