Àcid Sulfúric Galeria

The Gallery

Àcid Sulfúric is a new artistic project by the artist Miguel Ángel Pascual (Madrid, 1974) and art historian Cristina Mercadé (Barcelona, 1977). The Workshop Gallery located in the Poble Sec district of Barcelona, invites through thematic exhibitions to confront the vision of different artists and curators, questioning current social, political and economic models using a close language charged with irony.

The Exhibition

BARCELONA (MATA) FOR SALE – Barcelona mata (13.09-30.11)
Barcelona (te) Mata is the first exhibition of the collective Barcelona Mata in a contemporary art gallery. The exhibition takes the museum’s lyout: exhibition and souvenir room to put Barcelona in front of the mirror. The criticism of the collective of artists takes place on two levels: one is visible and the other one is only accessible with black light. So, that exhibition wants to criticize the tourism in Barcelona in an ironic and satirical way.

The Artists

Barcelona Mata is a collective of young iconoclastic artists. Or as they say: “the anti-Marca Barcelona, non-profit branding, sleek dirt.” An artistic group that since 2015: “tries to live from the disconfort generated by this schizophrenic city”. A group that has exhibited at the Teixidora del Clot and at the Arts Santa Monica, collaborating with the STOP cruises campaign, and the Arts Santa Monica’s Arts Comming and the Autoenganys collective


Joan Vila i Boix (Barcelona, 1991) Degree in Art History and Master in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona. In February 2015 he began to curate exhibitions while working in different media in Spanish and Catalan language, such as the magazine Núvol and Revista Mirall. He takes part in the second edition of the course On Mediation of 2014-2015. It should be enphasithed the exhibitions Tedium Vitae (ADN Platform, Sant Cugat, from May to September 2015), Generaccions (Espai AnGra., Winter of 2017) and Les formes de la llum (Sala parés, fall of 2017)

Opening hours

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 5 - 8 pm. Other times by Appointment.

Opening hours during the festival

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-8 pm


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