Nau Bostik


The Nau Bostik project was created with the aim of promoting and giving visibility to all types of activities related to culture and leisure, maintaining the principles of diversity and sustainability as guidelines, while seeking to establish itself as a platform for the dissemination of information and knowledge.


Exhibition: 513m2, The Observatory

The Observatory is a space dedicated to author’s photography, a laboratory where to develop long-term photographic projects, a house where to meet to discuss the image and the visual narration, but above all it is an increasingly large community of motivated people who live and breathe photography from which this great collective exhibition was born.

Carlos Roth, Anxo Santiago, Magui Pichinini, Gala Seguí, Mercedes Cosco, Lucía López (Lusi Buen), Boris Mercado, Silvia Esquivel, Helena Buira, David Almazan, Maria Fernanda Soler, Giulia Ferrari (Giulia Qualcosa), Ana Schulz, Alberto Barba, Erik Estaño (Erik Stny), Alejandra Rocabado (La Ale Ro), Rocío Martín-Santos, Ares Molins, Viktor Dolganov (Viktor Viktor), Roc Pont, Lara Amat, Pep Novellón, David del Rincón, Julia Mehls, Julieta Averbuj, Laura Rabadan, David Querol, Guido Pozzi, Isabel Cardeira, Luis Salinas.

Exhibition: ‘Katharsis’.

An exhibition that speaks of the processes in which the greatest enemy is one and the same, During the process of making this feature film, we wanted to give voice to artists from different disciplines because they express their own catharsis through their works and where everyone who has it in their hands, can express themselves in their blank sheets, turning it into an intimate space of relief. Cuaderno para la Kátharsis is this compilation of works by 18 artists that aspires to be a guide, a beacon a light at the end of self-destructive processes fruit of traumatic experiences, of course losses that make us reconsider our own existence. Catharsis is always a torrent that destroys to create something purer, renewed.

In the exhibition you will be able to see the reproductions of all the works that appear in the notebook, as well as images of the process of creating the book, in which we have collaborators such as Raúl Maldonado, Resma, Letter Cotton and Escuela de Diseño y Arte Lonja.

Special YGW Program

Nau Bostik will be the place to celebrate the festival’s closing party. At the time of the vermouth, literal, Yzaguirre accompanies us, start the activities in the gallery B_Murals inside the Nave, exhibitions, murals and DJ! At 3 pm the Bostik team takes the reins with a paella because all the assistants take enough for an afternoon of photography, painting, performance and music.

Sunday 29.09 Young Gallery Weekend Colosing Party.
16.30h Guided tours of the exhibitions 513m2 and Katharsis.
16.30h – 19h the surprises await you by the different spaces of the Nau, the performances of the students of the program YPA, Young Performance Art and his mentor, the great performer Miguel Andrés will delight us with his art:

‘El orden de los perros’ by Eliana Caporalini & Títere.
‘Wuwo / 無我’ by Ji A Yu.
‘¡Eh tú, maricón!’ by Miguel Andrés.
‘Ser Raíz Errante’ by Títere.

Opening hours

Dilluns - Diumenge 10-20h

Opening hours during the festival

Se mantienen los horarios habituales.


Ferran Turné 1-11
08027 Barcelona