B-Murals is a street art cultural centre based in Barcelona. A pioneer and singular project with an integral approach, that combines the support to the creative work, and promote mural interventions, artistic residences and expositions, working with local and international artists, that focus their work at the public space, such as mural art, and other formats.

Exhibition: Overexposure and flag care

What would happen, for example, if we inverted or subverted the colors or their alternation to the flags? In moments of national or patriotic exaltation, the need to own and display a flag is important. But it is also important to have a cure. Or would changes in its characteristics alter our own principles and beliefs?

Exhibition: Videncias y evidencias

“Videncias y Evidencias” is the name of the fifth chapter of the book, “El beso de Judas, fotografía y verdad”, by Joan Fontcuberta.
The exhibition is based on two relational premises. On the one hand, the importance of photography in the work presented and, on the other, the personal vision that is taken towards it when it comes to representing it.

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